Following the campaign key messages for reasonable driving and tolerance on the road, we organized the following activities:
  • 22 October 2009.  EKO fuel stations take part in the Seat Belts action, organized by the Traffic Police, with a specially made rubber dwarf with the motto Here, we all travel with seat belts!. The campaign appeals to children and their parents with the message that the seat belts are obligatory on the back seat as well. Since the beginning of the year EKO Bulgaria organize initiatives, addressed to the smallest participants on the road in the frames of the long-term CSR program Call When You Get There!.

    EKO will take part in future precautionary actions of Traffic Police in Sofia in the other parts of the country by giving the rubber dwarf Call When You Get There! to the children. It will be given also in front of shops for children and at EKO fuel stations.

The rubber dwarf is a specially developed version of the logo Call When You Get There! with a title Here, we all travel with seat belts!. It is made of safe, soft material to be handy for playing with. It can be hanged on the back window of the car to remind children about the best and safest way to travel on the back seat


14 October 2009. EKO Bulgaria presented the first sociological survey in Bulgaria on drivers' and policemen attitude towards road safety 

Almost 70% of the drivers define themselves as reasonable and tolerant drivers and according to the representatives of the Traffic Police the self-confident drivers predominate, shows the representative research of EKO fuel stations. The Bulgarian drivers want severe penalties and in the same time he is confident that he will get off unpunished when violating the traffic ordinance.

The research, ordered by EKO fuel stations, carried out by Market Links, and with the assistance of Traffic Police is without any analogue in the country. This is the first time a comparison between the view points of drivers and traffic policemen is made. The main reasons for car accidents – average 8000 per year show up and the profile of the drivers that most frequently cause them is outlined. 500 active drivers and 50 traffic policemen were inquired. 

More details about EKO petrol stations' research you can read in Bulgarian language in pdf  format here.
  • On the 30th of September 2009, 25 fourth graders from Chernorisetz Hrabar Elementary school in Plovdiv exercised the safety road rules with games and quizzes on the playground in Trakia district, in close vicinity to the school. The playground is built by Plovdiv Municipality with the main goal to present in a practival way to pupils and chlidren the road safety signs and the traffic control. The first open door lesson was organized by EKO petrol stations with plenty of entertainment games, surprises and awards. The Municipality of Plovdiv invited EKO as a partner to the initiative, because of EKO Bulgaria's experience in the practical work with children on road safety topics.  

  • 17 September 2009. 25 first graders from 47th High School Hristo G. Danov learned with games the road safety rules in their first open door lesson in the new school year. Sponsor of the children feast are EKO FS. The road safety lesson took place of the EKO City playground (on the back of EKO FS, Bulgaria blvd, Sofia), which recreates not only the typical cradles and slides, but also a small town with road signs, traffic lights, crossing paths. Except the sweets and the presents, every of the children got as a present from EKO Children Travel Set. The unique booklet, which the company created for the youngest participants, presents in an entertaining way the traffic rules.   

  • 23 August 2009. EKO fuel stations organized Road safety Sunday children school at EKO City playground near to Radinovo, Plovdiv. The road safety lessons,  lasted one day from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. including different games. They were carried out in the the typical city environment of EKO City – with road signs, traffic lights, and zebra crossings. EKO awarded the excellent students with treats and surprises. The big award in every competition was the unique children travel set Travel safely with EKO  
                              Road Safety Sunday Children School at EKO City, Radinovo, Plovdiv
  • For the 1st of June EKO petrol stations built for their youngest friends the first EKO City playground representing the typical city environment and educating the children in the rules of safety on the road.  
                                              EKO City Sofia (Bulgaria Blvd, next to EKO fuel station)
  • The Kids travel set from EKO is especially developed for children between 3 and 8 years and offers them in a comprehensive way the rules of safety. It is elaborated by Znaiko in coopertion with Traffic Police. nstead of being bored travelling on the back seat, the kids can enjoy the games and colour with the four felt-tip pens that the EKO hero prepared for them. The booklet can be found at all EKO petrol stations.
  • In April EKO Bulgaria and Economedia published the book "The Unknown Bulgaria" - 46 slightly popular routes to travel around the country  - in support of the campaign "Call when you get there!"


  • On 16th March EKO fuel stations start the first radio reality show for reasonable driving Call When You Get There!  Five contestants who have been selected after a casting will be trained by professional driving instructors in safe driving. The listeners can follow the competition for the prize of 500 liters of fuel from EKO on the air of Darik radio Sofia The show is designed entirely for young drivers – thus they will understand that the driving license is not an insurance policy against road challenges and responsible driving is a lesson that you learn every day.
More info at:
  • EKO fuel stations and Darik radio start together the broadcast “Cool down the horn” as a part of “Call when you get there!” campaign.  In five weeks in a row, from September 12 to October 10, the top reporters of Darik radio will reveal the bad and look for good drivers on the main crossroads with intensive traffic. The special reportages on the themes: “Traffic    jam”,    “The pedestrians”, “The signs”, “On a long trip” will make a playful parallel between emotions and    behavior of the tolerant and intolerant drivers. Darik radio audience could become a part of “Cool down the horn” and to share opinions for “the tolerance on the road” as well, through direct live connection with Darik studio. Every broadcast will end with a greeting to one good driver, chosen from a listener of Darik radio during the direct joins.

Cool down the horn! audio tag 

  • The legendary Eagles’ song „Hotel California” is the most favorite driving song. It accumulated the biggest number of votes in the EKO fuel stations and Darik radio Top 50 driving songs chart. During June and July 2008 more than 1500 people from the whole country formed the chart with their votes and supported reasonable behavior on the road. Top 50 driving songs is the first similar chart in Bulgaria and is a part of the EKO network of fuel stations Call When You Get There! campaign. It ranks the strongest music hits, but is also a personal message for reasonable behavior on the road.
  • 7 - 27  May 2008 was the Month of Reasonable Driving starts under the Call When You Get There campaign organized by EKO fuel stations. The month is aimed at young drivers and especially senior students. The initiative is organized together with Darik radio, Municipality of Sofia, the Traffic Police. The initiative starts with a media campaign Graduates 2008, Call When You Get There that includes audio spots, publications of the campaigns vision in print media banner with the campaigns logo placed in the busiest cross roads in Sofia: Throughout the month of rational driving that lasts till the end of May a leading topic for discussion on Darik radio will be road safety and rational driving behavior, there will be an accent on young drivers.


The personal message for young drivers is to be reasonablel on the road and pay more attention to tolerance and personal responsibility when driving. An advice for seniors who celebrate the prom in May is not to spoil the holiday with reckless actions and not to drive after consuming alcohol. The activations in the most popular night clubs, Back Stage, Swinging Hall, Mascara in Sofia that are partners of the Call when you get there campaign will be going on during the month.   

In their last school day the 2008 seniors from the Spanish High School became ambassadors of the reasonable driving campaign Call When You Get There!

  • As of the beginning of February, a special stamp placed on clients’ bills will remind nightlife fans: “Think sober, don’t drive after having drunk”.    


Thus some of the trendiest Sofia clubs - Mascara, Motto, Back Stage, Black Label, Swinging Hall, Piano Bar Smiles will support the campaign Call when you get there! and stand behind the idea that there are no limits for enjoying yourself, provided you don’t put yourself or other people’s lives at risk. The successful collaboration between Call when you get there!  organizers and the owners of the clubs will give the opportunity the campaign’s personal message to reach one of the risk traffic participants’ groups.   

In order to make the initiative popular EKO fuel stations and selected clubs organized campaigns for alcohol control tests’ give away  - during. these campain events more than 1000 customers received a personal test alcohol control.
  • From January 14, 2008 in all sites of the network special stands have been placed with the symbol of the Call when you get there! campaign for the sale of alcohol-control tests.  
          Special Display for Alcohol Tests                   The New Road Sign  "Call When You Get There!"
          at EKO Fuel Stations
  • The newest kind oftrafficsigns: with a heart and an exclamation mark have already been installed on the exits of all fuel stations EKO and remind Call when you get there!
  • Implementation of the „Week of Reasonable Driving – 19-23 April, 2007” in cooperation with КАТ and Darik Radio. In the frames if the initiative was launched a practice young drivers to receive their driving licenses together with the Guide of Reasonable Driver.

  • Activations for encouragement of road safety and don’t drive and drink “Savers on the Road”, Sofia (May 2007) and “Think sober” Sofia and Bourgas, (August 2007) in the frames of which the campaign ambassadors distributed more than 1000 safety sets with light reflecting vests, self test for alcohol, light sticks, Guide of the Reasonable driver etc.

Think Sober Audio  Spot


  • Presentation of the Call When You Get There! campaign at the MediaMixx festival in Albena, June 2007.


  • Elaboration and distribution of music CD Call When You Get There!  in circulation 7200 - distributed in the frames of the partnership of Motorshow magazine, June 2007.

  • Organization of special carting race for journalists in Sofia, Varna, Plovdiv under the motto “Be a racer only on the racing track”. In order to enhance the focus on the tolerance on the road EKO and Call When You Get There! awarded special fair play prize, (July, August, September 2007)