EKO Friends card

The purchases are made using EKO Friends cards. 

  • At the time of the fuel purchase, the customer is required to pay the amount due in cash, by debit card (Borica, etc.) or by credit card (BRS, etc.) at the announced retail prices announced for the day at the EKO petrol stations. The commercial discount is calculated at the end of the current month based on the amount of fuel purchased by the customer during the past month.
  • The difference is paid by bank transfer in favour of the customer. The amounts specified in the credit notes are credited by EKO Bulgaria to the bank accounts specified by the customer:
  • The total fuel is invoiced once a month or twice a month or on the 15th and the end of the calendar month, respectively, for all fuel purchased at all EKO petrol stations.
Minimum monthly consumption - 500 l.

Contact data:
EKO Bulgaria, Card Department
е-mail: cards@eko.bg