EKO European Karting Championship With a Second Start in Bulgaria

For a second year in a row EKO Bulgaria is the title sponsor of the biggest event in the Bulgarian motor sports calendar, and namely the endurance "EKO European Karting Championship", the second start of which was held on the track in the city of Haskovo on June 12-13.

14 June, 2021 The start of „EKO 24 hours of Bulgaria" was given at exactly 12 o'clock on June 12, with more than 250 pilots from 16 nations, divided into 42 teams, competing in two categories: Category Gold - up to 84 kg and Category Pro - up to 94 kg.

Aside from the large number of participants, teams and nations, the success of the event is measured by the great media interest surrounding it. The media endlessly pursued for interviews the "All Star Team", composed of sports, music and art stars. Almost the same amount of interest was given to the team of "EKO and Friends", which included representatives of various media, company employees and Facebook fans. Over 35 media (television, press and digital channels) covered the 24-hour race in Haskovo.

The winners in the PRO category for a second year in a row, were the pilots from the French team of MRK Pro, who managed to complete 1,576 laps and covered the distance of nearly 1,700 kilometers. Another French team, Kart & Diem Pro, managed to finish second with just 2 laps behind the winners. The Bulgarian pilot, who ranked highest in the race, Georgi Vankov, was also part of this team. The team from Switzerland, Eiriz Racing Suisse 2 finished in the third place, trailing behind by just 3 laps from the first position. This was the team that managed to complete the fastest lap of the competition. The Swiss team of Eiriz Racing Suisse 3 won the first place in the GOLD category. The silver medal went to one of the Bulgarian teams, Pro Racing Team, and the team of Beokart GP from Serbia ranked third in the category.

The statistics from the event is really amazing. For 24 hours on the karting track in the town of Haskovo, the teams drove a total of over 60,000 laps with exactly 1,440 minutes of constant driving. The organizers once again succeeded to challenge all competitors when at the 12th hour from the start of the race, at midnight, the direction of movement on of the track got reversed, which was accompanied by a spectacular fireworks display. The change brought about more suspense and thrill for the pilots, who were to overcome the lack of sleep and fatigue from the 12 hours of continual driving.

As already mentioned, for a second year in a row an "All Star Team" competed against the professional karting racers. The actor Naum Shopov, the singer Rafi Bohosyan, the Olympian Yordan Yovchev, the ultramarathon runner Krasi Georgiev and the only Bulgarian Formula 1 driver, Vladimir Arabadjiev took part in it. The "All Star Team" also included the young karting pilot Kaloyan Varbitsaliev, the influencer Rado, known as Epic Bath Guy and Alexander Danchev - Shondy. Even though they finished last, their performance brought great emotions, smiles and unforgettable memories. The organizers also contributed to the charity campaign for the little Gogo from Haskovo by providing for his treatment part of the funds raised from the event participation fees. in the competition.

EKO European Karting Championship will continue with two more starts: on August 29 the "EKO 8 hours of Bulgaria" will take place on the "Pautalia" track near the city of Kyustendil and on October 2-3 the "EKO 24 hours of Bulgaria" will be held, once again on the karting track in Haskovo.