Triumph and excitement at the anniversary edition of EKO Acropolis Rally 2023

Triumph and excitement at the anniversary edition of EKO Acropolis Rally 2023

Kalle Rovanperä is the winner of the 70th „Rally of Gods“

This year's anniversary edition of EКO Acropolis Rally, well known as the "Rally of Gods", took place on September 7-10 in Athens, Greece. Started back in 1953, this is the 70th edition of one of the most exciting and extreme races in the world. ЕKO is not only its long-term grand sponsor, but also appears officially in its name - ЕКО Acropolis Rally.

Known for its tough mountain routes, gravel roads and high temperatures, the competition is among the most exciting on the World Rally Championship’s calendar. This year, 72 teams from 31 countries accepted the challenge to conquer the complex course around the city of Lamia (central Greece), despite the storms and burning sun.

However, the unpredictable stormy weather did not stop the biggest fans, who experienced the emotion of the live car show. After a contested race, with many unexpected challenges, Toyota star - the 22-year-old Finnish Kale Rovanperä grabbed the champion cup of EKO Acropolis Rally 2023.

“It was a tough week with the difficult conditions starting from the recce. It was quite a big challenge, also for the locals, and it was very nice to see all these Greek fans on the stages still during these difficult times. It was nice to give them something to enjoy.”

From 7th until 10th of September, top-class drivers and co-drivers competed on 14 routes with a length of nearly 300 kilometers and presented the most durable and fastest rally cars in the history of the world championship.

The youngest WRC champion Kale Rovanperä claimed victory on the first day of the event. EKO Acropolis Rally 2023 began on September 7th at the foothills of Acropolis, after which the Greek capital hosted the "EKO Super Special Stage" - specially constructed platform for the opening stage of the race in Athens Riviera -Plateia Nerou, where Rovanperä also finished first. The 1.5 km long route was a scene of a breathtaking spectacle - located between the taekwondo stadium, the beach volleyball court and overlooking the Flisvos Marina, the "EKO Super Special Stage" revealed the beauty of Greece to an audience from over 150 countries around the world.
Together with numerous fans, officials guests and stars, among the lovers of moto sports in Athens, were also the winners of the game of EKO Bulgaria, who won double tickets for the 70th edition of the "Rally of Gods".