EKO Bulgaria for the first time in Kardzhali

EKO Bulgaria for the first time in Kardzhali

With two newly opened locations, EKO is expanding its network of petrol stations to 95 
Kardzhali, Аpril 2023 

EKO Bulgaria has just opened two new petrol stations in Kardzhali – these are the first branches of the chain in the city, growing the total number of EKO gas stations in Bulgaria to 95. During the last few years, the company has significantly increased its presence in southern Bulgaria as part of its policy to expand and renew its network all over the country.

The two new gas stations in Kardzhali offer a full range of standard and premium fuels, including LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) and EKO MEGATRON oils. The stations are located on: 
"Hristo Botev" Blvd. №1 ("Vazrozhdentsi") and "Borovets" – at the exit from the city to Haskovo.
The mission of EKO Bulgaria is to offer easy access to petrol stations, products of proven quality and excellent customer service. Special promotions were organized during the opening days, as well as higher discounts for customers who refuel at the new locations.  
The number of EKO’s petrol stations is constantly growing, and so is the desire of the company to offer the clients the best customer service – a wide variety of fuels and oils, as well as affordable and enjoyable journey. 

About EKO Bulgaria:

ЕKO Bulgaria EAD entered the Bulgarian market in 2002. The company is part of HELLENiQ ENERGY Group -  one of the leading energy groups in Southeast Europe. The successful development of ЕKO Bulgaria is a result of following its main mission – to offer a variety of products with guaranteed quality and the best possible service. The company has a continuously expanding network of – currently - 95 petrol stations, operated under the brand name EKO on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, where more than 1,000 people serve our customers. So far, the company has invested more than 200 million leva in the Bulgarian economy since 2002.