EKO Bulgaria received a COVID SHIELD certificate from TÜV AUSTRIA for its offices

The international certificate awarded by TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas is the highest level of "Excellent" and certifies the quality of the hygiene and safety standards applied by the company.

Sofia, December 18, 2020 – EКO Bulgaria officially received the "CoVid Shield" certificate at the highest level "Excellent" from TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas for its office premises in the country. It certifies that the measures taken and implemented by the company to prevent COVID-19 ensure the safety of employees and visitors and provide a safe working environment during the pandemic.

The rest of the companies from the HELLENIC PETROLEUM group, part of which is EKO Bulgaria, have also received the “CoVid” Shield certificate. The strategic (highest) priority for all members of the Group is the safety, security, impeccable hygiene and calmness of their employees. From the very beginning of the state of emergency, EKO Bulgaria took additional measures, introduced new procedures and strictly followed the instructions imposed by the competent institutions and supervising authorities. By getting audited from the world's first comprehensive certification system and obtaining the international certificate, the company certifies that its office spaces have the maximum degree of protection during the pandemic.

"The pandemic lead to a new and rather uncertain reality and it is our duty to ensure safe conditions and calmness for our employees. We act responsibly, keep up to date with the way things unravel and adapt to the changing situation. We believe that this is the way to move forward and that is why we look towards the future with faith and optimism," said Andreas Triantopoulos, CEO of EKO Bulgaria.

Additionally, for the safety of the customers at the petrol stations of the EKO chain in the country, the company continues to apply strict measures regarding maintaining perfect hygiene at the sites and compliance with all obligatory anti-epidemic measures. Each petrol station is cleaned and disinfected several times a day; disinfectants are provided for the customers; wearing a protective mask and social distancing are mandatory.


About EKO Bulgaria

EKO Bulgaria EAD entered the Bulgarian market in 2002. The company is part of the largest industrial and trade group in Greece Hellenic Petroleum, with a key role in the development of the energy sector in Southeast Europe. The successful development of EKO Bulgaria is due to its main mission - to offer a variety of products with guaranteed quality and the best possible service. The company has a chain of 92 gas stations under the EKO brand in the country.