The government discount will last until December 31, 2022


After being active for six months, the state discount of 25 st./l for fuel ends and will not be extended, following a decision of the government to respect the official deadline set back in July 2022. Therefore, the discount will be applied until 20:00 on 31st December 2022.

EKO Bulgaria is ready to support any future state initiatives for the benefit of customers, as it has been until now.

You can continue to fill up at our sites with a discount of 7 st./l for diesel and gasoline, as well as 3 st. per liter gas or kg of methane, with our EKONOMY loyalty cards.

In addition to our discounts, quality fuels and products, we will continue to welcome you with a great attitude and smiles at all EKO sites. We remain fully committed to provide you with a service which will leave you satisfied and wishing to come back to us again.

We wish you an enjoyable EKO experience and a pleasant journey. We will be waiting for you!