E-Charging Stations

To support clean mobility, EKO Bulgaria has built six new electric charging stations.

EKO Bulgaria is expanding its network of electric vehicle charging stations to support eco-friendly transportation and offer a full range of services to its customers. The company started building the new stations in 2023 and is increasing the number of stations across the country every year. Driven by customer satisfaction and a commitment to greener environment, EKO Bulgaria has opened six new EV charging stations:

  • 1101 Ihtiman, Trakia Highway towards Burgas
  • 1120 Radinovo, Trakia Highway towards Sofia
  • 1119 Asenovgradsko Shose
  • 1198 Struma highway towards Greece
  • 1902 Sofia, Malinova dolina
  • 1152 Burgas, Lake
  • 1157 Trakia highway toward Burgas
  • 1160 Sofia, Bulgaria bul. 
The charging stations are ABB TERRA 54 fast charging models, featuring a range of charging connectors, including:
  • AC - Slow charging connector with 41,4 Kw/h
  • Chademo - Fast charging connector with 50 Kw/h
  • CCS - Fast charging connector with 50 Kw/h

EKO Bulgaria is continuously expanding its charging infrastructure, with plans to add seven more electric charging stations by end of the year. For detailed and up-to-date information, follow our official website and social media channels.