"Call when you arrive" initiative now includes original Viber stickers

"Call when you arrive" initiative now includes original Viber stickers

As part of its traditional "Call when you arrive" initiative, EKO Bulgaria presented a collection of original Viber stickers to remind those on the road of the small but important gesture to send a message to their loved ones that they have arrived safely.

The collection "Call when you arrive" was created in collaboration with the Bulgarian illustrator Ventsislav Yosifov - Jermain, and consists of 20 different original stickers on the theme of travel and road safety. Through them, travelers can say through a sticker that they have arrived home, they have stopped for a coffee break, that they are refueling or running late, stuck in a traffic jam, or simply to wish a safe journey to a friend or relative. "Call when you arrive" can be downloaded completely free of charge within Viber.

"We usually promise our close ones to call when we arrive, and we often forget to do so. This is why we chose an original way to convey the message through Viber stickers and reach multiple different audiences. It is a fast and easy way to express the message and we live in digital times talking through images. This is also a natural continuation of EKO Bulgaria’s strategy towards digitization in communications with customers", said Andreas Triantopoulos, CEO of EKO Bulgaria.

For the purposes of the campaign was created the official EKO Bulgaria Viber channel where EKO fans will be the first to learn about offers, games, promotions and more. The official channel is at: https://bit.ly/48BJE8r

Over the years, the "Call When You Arrive" initiative has addressed with campaigns various participants in the traffic, such as children, motorcyclists, pedestrians, new drivers and others, but what unites the various campaigns within the initiative is the appeal for thoughtful and safe driving, as well as tolerance on the road. The ambassador of the initiative is Martin Choy.