The children from Aleko Konstantinov Primary School received a road safety interactive playground

Mr. Alexis Atanasopoulos, CEO of EKO Bulgaria EAD, took part in the opening of the new school year and appealed for joint efforts related to road safety.

The students from Aleko Konstantinov Primary School in Plovdiv received a special surprise on the occasion of the first day of school. They acquired an interactive training platform for road safety training provided by EKO Petrol Stations. The facility presents a small town with streets equipped with road signs, pedestrian crossings and traffic lights and measures 10 x 4m. The donation is part of the annual Road Safety Initiative of EKO Bulgaria EAD, by which the company demonstrates its direct public commitment to the prevention of unreasonable road behaviour through knowledge from an early age.

"Children are the greatest wealth of a nation and that is why we must make every effort to ensure their safety. Our goal is, through fun and games, to make children used to responsible behaviour on the street and follow the road traffic rules,” said Mr. Alexis Atanosopoulos, CEO of EKO Bulgaria EAD, during the official opening of the new school year.

Immediately after the introductory part, the students at the school with a remarkable 110-year history directed to their new acquisition and passed through the improvised road route with a smile and readiness to get acquainted and apply the traffic rules. In addition to the playground, EKO Bulgaria presented the first-graders with reflective vests and provided them with traffic safety textbooks for the new school year.