Over 30 employees of EKO supported a charitable cause by taking part in Sofia Marathon

The central part of the capital became a route for one of the most popular sports events in Bulgaria - Sofia Marathon. The initiative managed to mark a record number of over 3,000 participants, including almost 750 international athletes.

Traditionally, this year the marathon has been supported by a number of companies and some of them got involved with charitable causes. One of the brightest among them was EKO Petrol Stations. Thirty-two dedicated employees of the company took an active part in the competition in several different distances. The amount of BGN 10,565 was raised based on the kilometers run by them and is to be used to support children in need.

Among the "charity marathoners" of EKO Bulgaria were the CEO of the company Alexis Atanasopoulos, the Commercial Director Stefanos Tsoris and the pilot of EKO Racing Team Martin Choi. The charity initiative is part of the social responsibility program of EKO Bulgaria and in the last three years it has become a tradition for the company and its employees.
"It is a real pleasure for us to run the marathon with the idea that every kilometer we run will help children in need. Initiatives like this make us proud to work for EKO Petrol Stations,” said the Commercial Director Stefanos Tsoris.