EКO Bulgaria opened a second self-service petrol station

The new addition to the EКO chain in the country is located in the village of Usoyka, Boboshevo municipality and offers the high quality gasoline and diesel of the EKO brand.

January 8, 2021, Sofia 

EKO Bulgaria opened its second self-service petrol station in the village of Usoyka, Boboshevo municipality. The new site allows customers to perform the entire process of refuelling their car all by themselves, without the need of petrol station employees to be present. In the period from 11th of January, 2021 until  11th of February, 2021, all EKONOMY and SDI cardholders, who refill at the new site, can benefit from a special discount of up to 10 st./L for the fuels offered. Autogas and methane are not sold at the petrol station. 

With the addition of this new site, the company has increased the number of EKO petrol stations in the country to 92. The site is built according to a new concept and vision, which EKO has been applying in the recent years for their petrol stations in all countries where the company performs commercial activity. This large-scale modernization project in Bulgaria is expected to be completed this year. In 2020, a total of 46 EKO petrol stations were renovated. 38 sites more are to acquire the new visual identity of the brand in 2021. This investment of the company in Bulgaria amounts to nearly two million euros.

"Regardless the serious and constantly changing environment, we continue to successfully implement our plans regarding the EKO chain in Bulgaria, with a single goal in our minds - to provide all our customers with high quality fuels and excellent services. We invest in new trade units and renovate the existing ones to meet the ever-changing consumer needs and to introduce in Bulgaria as well, the common vision and standards that our Group applies in all countries where we operate. The security and safety – both for our customers and our employees, continue to be our main priorities", said Mr. Andreas Triantopoulos, CEO of EKO Bulgaria.

In order to ensure the quality and quantity of the fuels offered at the petrol stations of its chain, as part of the EKO Guarantee program, the company conducts regular unannounced inspections together with the independent inspection organization Bulgarkontrola. 

For its loyal customers, EKO offers the EKONOMY card, which provides promotional prices upon refuelling from the entire range of traditional and premium fuels of the brand, as well as preferential conditions in regard to other products and promotions. Everyone willing to obtain s an EKONOMY card can receive it free of charge at all EKO petrol stations throughout the country.

About EKO Bulgaria

EKO Bulgaria EAD entered the Bulgarian market in 2002. The company is a part of Hellenic Petroleum, the largest industrial and trade group in Greece, with a key role in the development of the energy sector in Southeast Europe. The successful development of EKO Bulgaria is a result of its main mission - to offer a variety of products with guaranteed quality and the best possible service. The company has a chain of 92 petrol stations under the EKO brand in the country.