EKO Guarantee program

To guarantee the quality and the quantity of the fuels offered on the Bulgarian market, EKO Bulgaria has adopted from Hellenic Petroleum, Greece the unique EKO Guarantee Program. Bulgaria is the third country to introduce this program, which has been run in the country since 2014. Up until now a total of 6,000 checks of the quality and the quantity of all types of fuels offered to EKO Bulgaria’s end customers have been performed. Our professional partner in this activity is “Bulgarkontrola” AD: the biggest independent control organization in the country, created in 1952, with established branches throughout the country.

Independent experts are performing the checks in a special, certified mobile laboratory. All checks are secret, so that the petrol stations have no prior information as to when they will be checked. Following each inspection, EKO Bulgaria is notified about the results. In case of any deviations, EKO sends a technical team to take repair actions and measures. After this Bulgarkontrola repeats the checkt to make sure that the all equipment is working properly. Should all criteria be met, a yellow "CHECKED" sticker is placed on the gas pump and the station is certified. These certificates can be found at every petrol station within EKO Bulgaria’s network.

By following the above steps, we ensure that the fuel filled in the tanks of our customers is of guaranteed quality and quantity.