Eight EKO petrol stations with new working hours

Eight EKO petrol stations with new working hours

6th of March 2023 Eight of EKO Bulgaria’s petrol stations in the country will operate with new work time – 06:00 – 22:00 starting today. A list of the petrol stations can be found here:

1. EKO 1141 Blagoevgrad Center, address: "St. Dimitar Solunski" Blvd., Blagoevgrad
2. EKO 1149 Kustendil, address: 2 "Nikolchevski put" Str. next to "Velbajd" factory, Kustendil
3. EKO 1168 Gorna Oryahovica, address: 23 "V. Levski" Str., Gorna Oryahovica
4. EKO 1169 Kula Vidinsko, address: Kula, 4 "Tolbuhin" Str., Kula
5. EKO 1179 Ruse Lipnik, address: 3 "Lipnik" Blvd., Russe
6. EKO 1188 Pernik Stomana, address: "Skorostna magistrala" Str., Pernik
7. EKO 1910 Burgas Akaciite, address: "Akaciite" district, 33 "Industrialna" Str., Burgas
8. EKO 1913 Shumen Simeon Veliki, address: 16A "Simeon Veliki" Blvd., Shumen

A map with all EKO petrol stations in Bulgaria can be found here

About EKO Bulgaria:

EKO Bulgaria EAD entered the Bulgarian market in 2002. The company is part of HelleniQ Energy Group, one of the leading energy groups in Southeast Europe. The successful development of EKO Bulgaria is because of its main mission – to offer a variety of products with guaranteed quality and the best possible customer service. The company has a chain of 92 gas stations under EKO brand throughout the country. It has so far invested more than 100 million euros in the Bulgarian economy since 2002 and 1100 people work at EKO Bulgaria’s network of petrol stations.