EKO EKONOMY Gasoline 95 and EKO EKONOMY Diesel fuels:

  • Thanks to the special additives that the EKONOMY product line contains, up to 4 % of fuel savings with every full tank can be achieved.

Advantages of the EKO EKONOMY Fuels:

  • Driving more kilometers with less fuel;
  • When the engine is running, the fuel keeps the injection system and valves clean from existing residue; 
  • It reduces the friction between the metal parts;
  • It reduces and prevents the accumulation and formation of residue in the inlet manifold;
  • It protects the engine’s entire fuel system from corrosion;
  • It extends the engine’s life;
  • It reduces the carbon emissions.


  • During laboratory tests of the fuels without additives, compared to EKO EKONOMY with additives it has been proven that with every full tank up to 4 % of fuel saving can be achieved.; 
  • The advantages of the fuel are certainly also influenced by the driving style, the condition of the road, and the condition of the vehicle. 

The advantages of the fuels cannot be fully revealed if:  

  • If the car is loaded far below full tank, then their technical opportunity for the EKO EKONOMY fuels to clean up the engine.
  • If the fuel of EKO Bulgaria is mixed with another fuel offered on the market.