The information has been updated at 00:00 on 01.01.2023.

Vignettes types & taxes

  • Weekend (Friday 12:00 - Sunday 23:59) - price BGN 9.
  • Weekly  - 13 BGN
  • Monthly  - 27 BGN
  • Quarterly  - 48 BGN
  • Annual  - 87 BGN

Note: The promotion is not valid only for the self-service petrol station in Sofia, Prajka Prolet str, and Usojka. 

How to get e-vignette?

  • Choose your type of vignette. 
  • Pay cash or with a bank card.
  • Fill in the declaration that will receive and take it back to the cashier. 
  • Based on the data that you will fill in the cashier will register your vignette. After the registration no changes are allowed. 
  • After it is registered you will receive: 
Cash receipt;
Receipt from the system;
The registration document;

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