Digital Cardbox-EKO Cards

EKO Bulgaria customers enjoy discounts with Cardbox-EKO digital cards directly on their mobile phones. The new sales channel is available after downloading a special application from the App Store or Google Play, according to the operating system of mobile devices.

Sofia, 30 April, 2021 The customers of EKO Bulgaria can now refuel with a discount, using the Cardbox-EKO digital cards in all EKO petrol station. Cardbox is a mobile application for electronic issuance and storage of discount cards, which users can download from the App Store or Google Play, according to the operating system of their smartphones.

After installing the application, EKO customers will be able to immediately select from its menu and activate their Cardbox-EKO card. The card is displayed on the screen of the mobile phone, ready to be used when paying for fuel or promotional products at the gas station cash register, through the unique barcode that each individual client receives.

Cardbox-EKO cards represent a new sales channel, the result of a strategic partnership that EKO has just started to develop - part of the company's digital transformation, aiming to offer innovative solutions for the convenience of its customers.

EKO customers will receive news and special offers on their Cardbox-EKO application, so that they can take directly advantage of them. The discounts for fuels offered by the digital Cardbox-EKO cards are 7 stotinki for each liter of diesel and petrol and 4 stotinki for a liter of autogas or kilogram of methane.

More information about Cardbox available here: