EKO Bulgaria is one of the five leading companies in the oil market in Bulgaria. We work with more than 1,200 corporate clients with whom we have built long-lasting partnerships based on trust and successful business practices.

We are a company that stands by our principles and operates under a strict code of ethics. This makes us completely transparent, even when it comes to shortcomings or mistakes that inevitably happen. The desire to be better makes us open to any feedback and responsive at any moment.

  • Quality products and services – we are committed to delivering fuels to the end user, guaranteeing quality through multiple stages of verification through the EKO Guarantee program.

  • Excellent customer service – we provide consumers with the highest level of our products and services. We strive for fast and quality service, which we continuously improve according to their needs and feedback.

  • Modern methods and technology – we are working purposefully to improve the facilities of our petrol stations nationally, aiming to provide the full range of services.

  • We care about our employees – people are the most important factor for the success of EKO Bulgaria, and that is why we provide our employees with a modern working environment, opportunities for training and career development, as well as additional professional benefits.
  • Responsibility to society – doing good together is essential for the team of EKO Bulgaria, so we invest resources, time, effort and care in our long-standing causes.

  • Caring for the environment is embedded in all our plans and actions in continuation of HELLENiQ ENERGY's environmental commitments and vision.